Could this be capsular contracture? (Photo)

Last Friday I noticed my right breast, your left, was sitting higher after it had already started dropping. Both of my breast were dropping at the same time perfectly and I was so happy. Now I'm having problems with my breast and you can see it is sitting higher. My surgery was January 7. I am messaging as much as possible to try to get it back down but I am concerned. When I sent the pictures to my doctor he said to just keep massaging it to go back down and gave me a prescription for singular.

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1 month post


Thank you  for the question and photos. You are still early in recovery and asymmetry or firmness can be normal at this point.  Having said that the only way to rule out CC or other issues is with an in-person exam so I recommend that you share your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

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You have already taken all of the steps that I would advise. Impossible to say at this point if early CC or just asymmetric healing. Only time will tell. Continue to follow your surgeon's advise. 
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Capsular contracture?

Hello, it sounds like you have taken the most important step of informing your surgeon about your concerns, and they are actively following the issue.  It is difficult to provide advice whether this could be contracture or simply a temporary difference in healing rates, based on a photo alone.

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Capsular contracture possible

Thank you for your question and photographs. A month out from surgery, it is possible for you to be developing a capsular contracture.  Higher risk if your implants are on top of the muscle and a little higher risk with silicone as opposed to saline. I am not a believer in massaging, but you can do it if you want.  If that side is harder than the other, then it likely is a contracture.  If it is just sitting higher, you may want to try and wear a 6 inch Ace wrap firmly around your chest, above the higher implant and below the lower one.  Wear it as much as possible.  Sometimes even just a little change can improve symmetry. Good luck. 

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Capsular Contracture

 Just a couple of weeks after breast augmentation ,it's a little early for capsular contracture to be the culprit here. I agree exactly with what your plastic surgeon has said, massage in a little bit of time and they will even out. Good luck.

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