Why is Katie Holmes' Nose Crooked?

I want to get a nose augmentation to give my nose more projection and I don't see many examples except for Katie Holmes. Her nose looks crooked and I don't want mine to turn out like that. Is that common? Could it be because she used rib cartilage and it warped? Or because her nose was crooked to begin with and the augmentation accentuated that? If I only use septal cartilage is there still a chance that it will warp and become crooked?

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Rhinoplasty and warping Cartilage

I looked at a few pics of Katie Holmes and her nose appears only slightly crooked.  This may be congenital (present from birth) or it may be due to rhinoplasty.  Cartilage, whether rib or septal, exhibits "memory".  That is, if it is curved when harvested, even if it is straightened by your physician, it has a tendency to return to that conformation.  Rib cartilage is abundant, and a craft can be carved to nearly any conformation, but it has one large downside:  A donor site wound.  This means that there is a second scar and surgery site on the chest.  The site of rib cartilage may be more painful to recover from than the actual rhinoplasty.  Thus, this cartilage is often reserved for revision rhinoplasty, but it varies person.  Some surgeons use silicone implants on the nasal dorsum to achieve more projection, but these may be complicated by malplacement or extrusion.  A brief literature search demonstrated no study comparing the warping potential of septal versus rib cartilage.  In general, however, rib cartilage graft may be crafted thicker and longer than septal cartilages, which would seem to make them more robust.  Every rhinoplasty is different.  Every physician technique displays variation.  Consult several Board Certified Surgeons before making your decision.  Good luck!

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Rhinoplasty - Katie Holmes

I'm not sure what surgery Katie Holmes so it's hard to say why her nose is slightly crooked.  In general, an experienced, careful rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to give you a thorough evaluation of your nose and come up with a plan to give you the result you are happy with.  However, the healing process also plays a significant part in what your final result will be.  Other things that affect healing are if you broke your nose or had other trauma causing scar tissue or other severe anatomic deformities.  

I know you want specifics about the different types of cartilage that could be used to straighten you nose - but there is no ONE type that is best.  It is the complex combination of graft, shaping the graft, sutures, and other fine technical details that will affect the final shape of your nose.  The best thing is to communicate well with your plastic surgeon and pick someone you trust.  Before going into any surgery, you should feel 100% comfortable.

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Crooked Nose repair with Septo-rhinoplasty.

How good and straight the nose ends up after a rhinoplasty depends on the skill of the surgeon. Any experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can do a nose which ends up deviated slightly, but he will have very few which do. Choose wisely and you should be happy.

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Katie Holmes Rhinoplasty

Hi Violet,

Katie Holmes nose appears to have had a reduction rhinoplasty, it is smaller and thinner.  The chances of ending up with a crooked nose following rhinoplasty depend upon many factors, the most important of which is the rhinoplasty surgeon whom you have hopefully chosen most carefully.  You ask many good questions that can be answered in an in person rhinoplasty consultation, which I suggest you have with a few surgeons.  Our preferred augmentation material is nasal septal cartilage.  Only Katie and her surgeon (and maybe Tom) know exactly why her nose is slightly deviated toward her left.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Nose Crooked

Katie's nose has ONLY a very slight deviation!. The cause can not be determined but she seems fine with it. If you want a "perfect" result you will most likely be disappointed. There is no guarantee in cosmetic surgery. Grafts curl, wrap or stay straight. Seek opinions in person FROM MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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Asymmetry of the nose

I have not seen photos of Katie Holmes and am not sure if hse had a rhinoplasty, but most people have some curvature that is normal. Rhinoplasty surgery never makes the nose completely straight.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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