How can I do total mouth reconstruction? (Photo)

I have a habit of pressing upper teeth to lower teeth. now my all teeth height reduced to half. so how can have treatment or total mouth recontruction ? some have suggest me to do rct and put crown over the teeth. is that the proper way ?

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Full mouth reconstruction


By looking at your photo, there appears to be extensive damage to the enamel on the biting surface of your teeth. It also looks like your missing one of your molars. You definitely could benefit from a full mouth reconstruction with crowns and veneers. The best option for replacing the missing tooth is a dental implant.  

Many people have the habit of clenching and grinding their teeth at night, and show similar damage to their teeth as yours. Over time the excess wear causes the teeth to get shorter, and the bite to collapse. Regardless of if you have the treatment done, you should wear night-guard. This will protect your teeth from any further damage.

Without seeing your X-rays, it difficult to say if you will need any root canals. An endodontist should do a full assessment prior to having any work done. 

You definitely should consult with an experienced dentist who has successfully done this type of treatment before. They should take impressions of your teeth and have a wax-up done. This can help guide the laboratory in making your teeth the correct length and height. It will also be used as a template for your temporary crowns and veneers. You will be able to try out your new teeth and smile while wearing the temporary.  After the work is completed, it is recommended that you wear a night guard to protect the porcelain from damage.

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Full mouth recounstruction


From the photo it appears you have grinded your teeth, as a result you have lost most of the enamel covering your teeth.  This does not necessarily mean that you need root canals in order to restore your teeth.  As a first step all the nerves of the teeth should be checked by a root canal specialist.  If there is no nerve damage you can most likely get crowns on your back teeth and veneers on your front teeth to build back the teeth to the original length.  This should be done by an expert cosmetic dentist that has a lot of experience in full mouth reconstruction.  Before the work is started a full wax up model should be fabricated so that you know how your teeth will look.


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