Is Propecia safe to use, or will I suffer side effects? (Photo)

I am 27 male. I recently one month back noticed a rapid and massive hair fall. When I roll down my fingers through my hairs or comb them, hair will come off often. For this reason I visited dermatologist where I found have less zinc and in hair test it is found that hair growth is 45% and hair fall is 50%. Therefore, the doctor prescribe Rogain and he will provide Propacia only after I am confident on the drug due to its side effect. Please advice me how to proceed.

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How safe is Propercia?

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Finasteride was approved by the FDA and is indicated for the treatment of male pattern hair loss (MPB).  Since 5 mg of Finasteride is frequently prescribed for the treatment of prostate disease as well, extensive clinical studies were performed in order to address the efficiency and the side effects of the drug. As with all drugs, potential side effects exist and this is true with Finasteride as well. However, the side effects associated with Finasteride only affect a small percentage (2-3 %) of its users, and these side effects are mostly temporary ones. Given the effectiveness of the drug on both original and transplanted hair, the minor risk of potential side effects should not serve as an obstacle for the usage of the drug.

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Is Propecia safe to use, or will I suffer side effects?

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Propecia has been clinically proven it might differ for every patient and can react differently for every patient.

Propecia side effects

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You will not know if you will get side effects until you try the drug. Once you start it, if there are side effects, you could take a pill every other day, as a half dose is 80% as effective as a full dose. 

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Is Propecia (finasteride) safe?

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Propecia (finasteride) has been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for Male Pattern Hair Loss. However, like any medication, it does have side effects. It is not possible to predict who will get side effects, which of the recognised side effects they will get, or the severity of the side effects.The most talked about side effects of Propecia is erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. These occur in about 2% of men taking Propecia (1mg finasteride orally daily). If you were to suffer one of these problems it is highly likely that things would return to normal after stopping the medication so it is very reasonable to start taking it and see what happens. Remember, you are unlikely to see any real effect on your hair for about 6 months after starting to take the drug.

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