Can the Vagina Be Resealed After First Sex?

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Restoring The Hymen

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As many as 30 % of women with an intact #hymen will not #bleed with their first intercourse.  This, of course, can create great trauma in many #cultures that insist that a virgin should bleed on her first intimacy with her new husband.  Such is also influential with social value in determining a woman’s chasteness and the paternity of her children.

However, it is always possible for a hymen to be torn through a variety of physical activities including horseback riding, dancing, athletics, bicycle riding, gymnastics or while inserting a tampon.

Hymen restoration surgery is intended to repair  or reconstruct a woman’s hymen to restore her to her “virginal” anatomy.  This simple surgical #procedure has also been termed Virginity Surgery, Restore Virginity Surgery, Virginity Repair, and Hymen repair surgery.

The actual surgery is fairly simple and  involves freshening the mucosal edges then sewing the tissues together, usually in two  layers while reducing the size of the hymen opening to about  1.0-2.0 cm in diameter.  Dissolving sutures are used and the procedure can be done with local #anesthesia in an office surgery room.  Oral sedation can be given if the patient desires. If my patient is very anxious then we can discuss using intravenous sedation or even a general #anesthetic.

It is imperative to find a surgeon who is #board certified for your #hymenoplasty and greatly experienced in this procedure.

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Hymenoplasty: Restoring a Woman's Hymen

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Thank you for your question. I am assuming that you are referring to a hymenoplasty. Having an intact hymen for intercourse on your wedding night is important for many religions and cultures.  Surgical repair is possible by a cosmetic surgeon experienced in genital surgery.  Our Institute has a center dedicated to women interested in restoring their hymen.  We are sensitive to the delicate nature of the situation and keep the utmost confidentiality. Although a hymenoplasty can be performed, there is never a guarantee that bleeding will occur even in a woman with an naturally intact hymen.  There are many factors involved, including thickness of the hymen, force of penetration, and the size of the penis. I hope that this information helped answer your question.   Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist)


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Hymenoplasty can restore the appearance of a hymen which has been torn by intercourse so that it appears intact. The procedure is relatively quick and has a mild recovery. Complete healing takes about six weeks.

"Resealing" the Vagina

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I am not sure but believe you are inquiring about Hymenoplasty whereby the hymen is repaired (i.e. sewn back together) at the vaginal opening to restore a "virgin" state.  This procedure is commonly performed for women of certain cultures where they are essentially required to be a "virgin"  at the time of marriage.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton 

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