Can The Butt Lift Incision Be Made About 1" Above The Vertical Gluteal Crease?

Hi. I'm wanting a butt/lateral thigh lift with lipo on the "love" handles & outer thigh for a smoother appearance (not weight loss). Most incisions I've seen are high on the back, not evenly straight or smooth. I live in Kansas but will travel (Austin/Chicago). Referrals are welcomed. Thanks.

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Can The Butt Lift Incision Be Made About 1" Above The Vertical Gluteal Crease?

The buttlift incision can be modified as necessary based upon goals and anatomy.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Gluteal Aesthetic Unit Incision Placement is Key in Buttock Lifting

The placement of the incision is critical in buttock lifting. If it is too high on the waist, it improves waist definition but comes at the expense of a scar that may show outside of underwear, swimsuits or low cut pants. It also tends to make the buttock look larger without clothing If the incision is too low, it shortens the buttock but you loose some improvement in waist definition. Gluteal Aesthetic units are areas of the buttock, back and thighs that help to define an attractive buttock region. Generally speaking placing the incisions between the aesthetic units is ideal because it leads to the best shape and appearance of the scar. In the posterior region an intermediate scar in a V shape respects the gluteal aesthetic units best and gives you the opportunity to enhance buttock appearance in addition to lifting it. Consult with a surgeon very experienced in gluteal contouring. Best wishes.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
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Butt lift incisions

Hi liava. Butt lift incisions ideally, for me anyway, should be just below or at the highest point of the buttock. The should be lower in the midline, curving upward and outward and down again towards the inguinal crease. I agree with you that too many incisions are too high on the back. I also agree that liposuction in conjunction would work well. I specialize in this type of procedure in San Antonio, Texas. Please feel free to peruse my website and don't hesitate to call either.

Peter Fisher MD

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