Risk/complication Period After MM?

I had my mommy makeover done on the 23rd of January and still worry about complications how many weeks out before you in the clear from dvt/PE, seromas and infections?

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Complications after mommy makeover

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Congratulations on your procedure!  Most serious complications occur within the first 30 days after a procedure.  Once you have cleared that time frame, significant complications are very rare.

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Risk for complications

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At around the 3-4 weeks mark your risk for the complications you mentioned decreases.  They are not eliminated, but they do lower.  Continue with regular follow up visits with your surgeon as recommended by him/her.  Good luck to you!

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Complication risk - how long?

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For most surgeries, including the mommy-makeover (TT + breast augmentation), most surgeons would probably say one month after surgery is the high risk zone for DVT/PE, seromas, and wound infections.  After that, while the risk is not zero, it is much lower.  Do you have any special pre-disposing conditions for DVT/PE?

Best wishes on your recovery!


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You are almost one month now. There is no magic number, but we typically do not see problems after 4 weeks.

Complication period after Mommy make over

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Thank you for your question and congrats on your procedure. While it is possible to have complications that fall outside the usual time periods, it would be unusual for you to have the onset of a DVT or infection at this point. Once you are fully ambulatory, as I am sure you are now, the risk of DVT diminishes rapidly. Infections, if they do develop, are typically within the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure and would have been seen by now.

It sounds like you are doing well from your procedure. Continue to follow your surgeon's recommendations and enjoy the results.

Best of luck with your continued recovery.

Jeff Rockmore


Complication risk after surgery

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After three weeks, if all of your incision sites are healing nicely, the chance of having an infection, hematoma, or seroma is fairly small. As long as you have been moving around, walking, etc, and you dont currently have a clot in your leg, its unlikely you will get a DVT or PE. If you are not having any pain in your calves, then its unlikely you have a clot there. I wouldnt worry too much.

Paul Wigoda, MD
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Peropd of risk after Mommy Makeover.............

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Mommy makeover is a big procedure and does carry the potential for significant risk.  Complications tend to occur in the earlier part of the post op period and the incidence decreases over time.  Although this does not guarantee that you are out of the woods, you are "safer" with each passing day.  By about 5 or 6 weeks you are likely fine.

Mommy Makeover after 3 Weeks

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     In general, infection or fluid collection would have presented by this time unless there were previous wound or healing issues with your mommy makeover.  If you have been ambulatory the whole time, DVT and PE risk usually decrease markedly by the 3 week to 1 month time point.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Mommy Make Over Risks

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Thank you for your question about the risks of a Mommy Make Over.

  • You are almost 3 weeks after surgery. You are unlikely to have a complication. Later complications are rare although they can occur.
  • DVT after mommy make over - unlikely now if you are active. Wear support hose and take a baby aspirin before any car or plane trip.
  • Seromas and infection - if you do too much, e.g. start an aggressive exercise program or damage the surgical area, they can appear. So you're doing well! Congratulations. Hope this helps.

Low risk of complications from mommy makeover after 3 weeks

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After 3 weeks most mommy makeover patients are able to move around normally, which in turn lowers the risk of clots (dvt/PE). Seromas (fluid collections under the abdominal area) would likely have occurred by 3 weeks. You may need to allow for more healing time before unrestricted physical activity however so check with your plastic surgeon.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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