Do I Need Lipo? Have This Bulge After TT?

I had a tummy tuck on January 23rd I have this bulge around my belly button all the way around. I had a rolll above my belly buttom before my tummy tuck so im worried that this bulge is fat pockets that have just shifted down. my ps is great but when I asked him about my concern he says I might be worried to soon. I don't want to drive him crazy but this bulge is making me really crazy. I feel like I'm gonna need a little lipo in that you think I will need lipo or am I nutty?

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Bulge after Tummy Tuck

Without pre and post-operative photos or an exam, I cannot tell you for sure what is going on.  As a general rule, I think it is too early to make any real judgement about your results as there is still a lot of swelling at 3-4 weeks post-op.  If this issue is driving you crazy, talk to your surgeon more about it. I know that I always appreciate it when my patients tell me what they are worried about.  That way I can give them the best and most accurate advice and usually I can relieve their fears.  Good luck.

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Swelling/Bulge After TT

Without photos it's really difficult to say what the bulge may be, but I can say that it is too soon for you to be worrying because this will surely not be your final result.  3 weeks is just not enough time for all of your swelling to subside and healing to be complete.  At this point in your recovery, you are most likely feeling back to normal so naturally you would expect your body to be back to normal, but keeping in mind that everyone is very different with healing time, this entire process can take up to 6 months.  Follow up with your surgeon with an appointment so he/she can rule out any complications and most importantly, so you can go over your concerns.  Best of luck!

Andrew Smith, MD, FACS
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Swelling after tummy tuck could resolve on its own, or be better with liposuction--just not yet!

Hi Kansas; I understand your anxiety about any area that is not yet "perfect," but your doctor is both right and telling you gently that it is too early to determine if any kind of touch-up or revisionary surgery is necessary or appropriate.

You're not nutty, but you might be on the edge of obsessing, so just take a deep breath and give yourself the time to let things reach their proper endpoint before crying "Re-do!"

Fat does not "shift down" and cannot move in any area of the body, but fluid and swelling CAN! Scar tissue also softens, lymphatic vessels grow and fluid reabsorbs, and areas of localized swelling go down. The problem, of course, is that no one, including your surgeon, can tell you how much it will go down, or how long it will take!

That is why we usually counsel patients to wait for 6-12 months to allow things to really reach their new endpoint, after which a reasonable discussion can be held about further improvements. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Fat Pockets or Diastasis After Tummy Tuck

    If the area is not a fluid collection or residual swelling, this could be recurrent or uncorrected diastasis or fat.  It is probably too early to get concerned about this as swelling is playing a role at this point in your recovery.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Do I Need Lipo? Have This Bulge After TT?

I can't possibly give a useful answer without look at a photo, even though you have given a reasonable description. Please consider posting some, preferably from before and after surgery. 

It is less than a month from your surgery, and much will change over the first 3-6 months. At that time, you might want to consider whether any touch up procedure will be helpful.

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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