One cheek bigger (perkier) than the other. (photos)

Im 4 days post op so Im aware that my results will change but Im worried bc i have already lost like 20%. One side i feel is alot less full and doesnt protrude like the other. Is this because i had different volume put in (800cc in one 750 in the other & i was 5'1 142 lbs) or are they just healing different rates? And how can I stop more fat from absorbing? I wanted a big butt and Its bigger but now that I am seeing how much has gone i wish i went bigger. Also does it round out more as it heals?

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Buttock Augmentation Postop

At just 4 days after surgery you need to avoid over analyzing your early results on a process that will take 6 to 8 weeks to see the final result. There is nothing you can to alter the natural process of how much fat will or will not take. Fat transfer to the buttocks, or anywhere on the body, is an unpredictable process in terms of fat survival.

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