Is there a renown specialists in the Midwest for correcting overdone upper blepharoplasty?

I need to have fat added back to my upper eyelids. Can the fat be injected at this site or, does it have to be fat grafting? My eyes appear sunken and bony - very hollowed out. I'm also having trouble with them closing all the way at night, which dries them out. This is all very stressful for someone who can't afford any more surgery. I'm worried about the health of my eyes.

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Overcorrected upper eyelid bleph

You could see one of the oculoplastic surgeons in MO.  John Holds and Phil Custer are in St. Louis.  However, you say you can't afford any more surgery.  But they won't do this for free.  It is usually harder to correct a surgery than to do the primary one!  

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