Soreness Under Breast After Mastopexy & Lift?

I had a mastopexy with implants on April 2. Three days ago I noticed what felt like a bruise under my right breast but there was no bruise just sore on the skin on top of rib cage. The soreness is now gone but if I reach up I can feel pulling..It seems to be a sort of string or suture maybe pulling from my breast to lower in my body.. I can feel it when I do it.. Is this normal or something I should contact my Dr about?

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Pulling sensation after a breast lift

The sensation of pulling is not uncommon after breast surgery.  From your description there is really nothing to be overly concerned about.  If it continues let your plastic surgeon know about the problem.

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Soreness after Breast Surgery?

Your description does not sound too concerning, but for the best advice/reassurance  contact your plastic surgeon.  If you see or feel they “string” like structure along the lower pole of the breasts, you may be experiencing a Mondor's  vein ( a transient inflammation of the veins...).

 Best wishes.

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Soreness Under Breast After Mastopexy & Lift?

I ask my patients to have a low threshold with regard to questions. Your surgeon knows you, knows what was done, and has followed your recovery, and is far better positioned to answer your questions. 

All the best. 

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