Is the training required to be a board certified PS significant enough to complete training highly competent in BA?

I completed a consult with a board certified PS for BA. He has a few years of experience but came across knowledgeable, competent and has good reviews here on. I'm struggling with booking him because he is less experienced then other doctors.Is the training required to be a board certified PS significant enough to complete training highly competent or is the time after you are board certified where your competency is established for BA? He does have a handful of before and after photos as well.

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It's the number of Breast Augmentations performed, not the years in practice that matters!

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Ask your surgeon how many breast augmentations they did last year, not how long they've been in practice. Practice makes perfect and gray hair doesn't guarantee a better result. Many plastic surgeons dabble in all aspects of plastic surgery and may do less in their entire career than someone who focuses on augmentation does in a single year. I consider someone a breast expert when they do at least 300 augmentations annually, for a minimum of 2 sequential years. I would look for at least 100 sets of before and after photos. I would also want to see every view of every patient, not a "cherry picked" single view. I attached a link so you can see what I am talking about.

In all other surgical specialties studies demonstrate improved outcomes and lower complications rates directly correlate with the number of procedures performed. This is true for hernia repair, joint replacement, cardiac bypass and I believe with breast augmentation.

Best of luck.

Is the training required to be a board certified PS significant enough to complete training highly competent in BA?

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Yes, the training is significant and a few years in practice should provide adequate experience, but it has a lot to do with the artistic ability of the surgeon. I have seen very bad results from doctors with many years of practice and very good results from younger doctors with a good aesthetic sense. If your surgeon seems like someone you can trust and his surgical results are satisfactory to you based on pre and post photos, then you should be comfortable having him do your surgery. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Does board certification in plastic surgery mean enough for a surgeon to do breast augmentation

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A surgeon board certified in plastic surgery is absolutely qualified to perform breast augmentation.  Board certification requires a demonstration of knowledge, competence, and safety and includes examining the majority of the surgeon's operative cases during the first year of practice.  That being said, there is no guarantee for an excellent result regardless of the surgeon's age or experience.  I suggest, as I do with all my patients, that you see more than one surgeon until you feel comfortable and confident with your decision.  Good luck!

Charles Galanis, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Board cert and breast augmentation

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When training in plastic surgery you do many breast augmentations. Your skills definitely get better out in practice yes. I don't think gray hair equals a better result so if you liked his before and after photos and him go with it. It never hurts to seek multiple opinions and then trust your gut. Best wishes. 


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the short answer is yes he is qualified to do the surgery. however all surgeons who have been in practice for a while know that they are better surgeons than when they got out of training.  ask your friends

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Board Certification

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Yes, if he is board certified, he has the training necessary to perform a BA. Did you like his work? That is really the best indicator, once his competency is established, of whether or not he is the right surgeon for you. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get a second opinion just so you have a comparison. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Board Certification and Experience in Plastic Surgery

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A board-certified plastic surgeon is a highly qualified surgeon that is competent to perform many plastic surgery procedures.  More importantly, a board member should recognize when he/she is not ready to perform a procedure safely and ask for assistance from a more experienced surgeon.  This practice echoes the teachings of Hippocrates in his Oath of first doing no harm.   Plastic surgery is an art that takes years of experience and practice to master.  The true master recognizes that perfection is beyond grasp and only a goal.  We are all somewhere along that spectrum and strive to improve and provide the best to our patients.   Best of luck with your procedure.  

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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The surgeon you choose

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The most important factor in obtaining a good result in your cosmetic surgery is the surgeon you choose. Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, will assure you of the proper training of your surgeon, it will not assure you of a good result. Also it is important to understand that because a surgeon has many years of experience, it does not means that a good result is guaranteed, the surgeon may have many years of experience doing something wrong!!
I usually suggest patients to check the surgeons credentials, being a member of the ASAPS is a good way to start, also I recommend to see several surgeons for several opinions.
For a standard breast augmentation a Board certified Plastic surgeon is capable of deliver good results, but you need to remember that this profession is a science and an art, the secret is in the details, when you meet the right surgeon for you, you will know, 

Victor M. Perez, MD, FACS
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation is only one operation that Plastic Surgery is due on the chest wall with that anatomy. I am sure your surgeon has significant experience and is more than capable of doing an excellent breast on mentation. However, your question is understandable if you have a very tricky problem  or a multiple revision case. In those situations you may want to go to someone with a decade or more of experience. However a primary augmentation you should be very comfortable with anyGood luck! 

Mark T. Boschert, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 37 reviews

Is the training required to be a board certified PS significant enough to complete training highly competent in BA?

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Of course, a board certified plastic surgeon is competent to perform a breast augmentation. If you are comfortable with the surgeon and saw good before and after pictures, you should have a good result. Experience obviously allows detection and treatment of slight nuances in asymmetry and final shape. Good luck!

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