What are the advantages of Robotic FUE?

From what I can tell its more expensive, is it worth it?

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Robotic FUE Benefits

The robotic FUE machine was initially presented in 2008 at an international meeting-ISHRS. It has been developed and improved since that time. It was said to decrease time for the procedure and to help less experienced physicians do the procedure as compared to the manual FUE technique. However, the reported transection rate is 8-10% compared to 3-5% with manual FUE. Also, it does not work for light color hair-the robot can not appreciate the hair unless it is pigmented. So, is the added cost of hair grafting with the robot worth it? I am unable to answer not knowing how much added cost is involved. My best advice if you are considering hair grafting is to find someone who has experience. Good luck.

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Robotic FUE is it worth it?

The advantages of Robotic FUE are great. First there a plan to select the optimal hairs with target graft selection. In addition to providing you with less damage to the donor and a better result with fewer number of grafts this leaves the harvest donor area looking more uniform. Hand held FUE doesn't track previous dissection sites. Without the safeguards in place, the donor is often left looking moth eaten. Hand held is extremely demanding. The physician gets tired, human factor come in to play. The robot I produces consistent quality. Graft 1 looks as good as graft 1000. The robot doesn't get tired, doesn't have a bad day, it is making corrections 60 times per second. Simply put it cost more in terms of your donor and results, it cost too much not to use the robot !

Craig Barbieri, MD
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Robot FUE

The results should speak for themselves, but it generally depends on the doctor more than the tools they use. Many doctors can get great results using the robot, while many others can get great results without the robot. What's more important is that you're happy with what they do- so I suggest focusing more on the before and after pictures rather than which method they use to get their results.

Sean Behnam, MD
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What are the advantages of Robotic FUE?

In my opinion the robot is only an advantage to a surgeon who is not already well trained in FUE. It's important to understand that the robot will not turn a mediocre surgeon into a master. It adds very little if anything to the quality of the transplant from a well-trained surgeon. It certainly adds a whole lot to the expense.

William Woessner, MD
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A robot is a tool. It doesn't guarantee better results. Having a million dollar Ferrari does not make you a better driver.

A robot is a tool.  It serves (assists) the doctor to carry out FUE harvesting.  It doesn't guarantee better results.
Having a million dollar Ferrari does not make you a better driver.  

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Robotic FUE

When I invented and patented the robot for hair transplantation, I was motivated to make the FUE more reliable in the hands of doctor who were trying to match the quality of the manual FUE that was introduced by me in 2002 and a medical meeting. The Robotic has the ability to select certainly group sizes and extract a higher number of grafts per follicular unit. This can be done manually, as well, but not with the precision of the robot. We offer both manual FUE which we have been doing since 1996 and robotic FUE.  See many patient in the video shown in the web like below

William Rassman, MD
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