Is it okay to get my retainer a month after I get my braces removed?

I just had my braces removed today. I'll see my orthodontist again in about 5 weeks to get my retainer, but I was wondering if there is a risk of my teeth moving back to how they were before I had braces? I've read that people gotten their braces a couple of days after their braces were removed, which makes me a little worried. Thanks!

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Is it okay to get my retainers a month after I get my braces removed?

Did you just have the bands or brackets on the molars removed, or did you have all of the braces removed? It is quite a long time, i.e. 5 weeks, to wait for your upper and lower retainers. If you have your braces removed only in the back and still have most of the braces, it will be okay.

You should ask your orthodontic office why you have to wait 5 weeks to get your retainers and let them know your concern. Check if you can get them sooner.

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