Rapid Breast Loss. Any suggestions?

Hello, basically over they years sincr about 13 i have had large breast. my ending size was a 32DDD.. i always a good 115-120 pounds.. recently i've lost so much weight i am currently 103 pounds and i have noticed a significant change.. i am now in a high C and i really don't like this. it took me years to get comfortable eith my body and now i'm 18 and love them there gone.. if i regain the weight will they grow back?

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Breast tissue and weight loss

Hi there. Breasts are essentially fat and tissue, so when weight is lost, fat tends to be the first to go whether it’s from your stomach or breasts. If you regain the weight, your breasts should fill back out but if they don’t, you could see a plastic surgeon about your breast enhancement options.

Candidate for Breast Implants

A variety of factors may indicate that you are a good candidate for breast augmentation. Some of these feelings and/or conditions include: ·       You feel bothered and/or have low self-esteem that your breasts are too small. ·       After giving birth, your breasts have become smaller and have lost their firmness. ·       You notice that clothes that fit well around your hips are too big at the bust line. ·       You feel self-conscious when wearing a bathing suit or other form-fitting apparel. ·       A weight loss/fluctuation has changed the shape and size of your breasts. ·       There is an asymmetry where one of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other.While it is not definite that your breasts will re-grow with weight gain, it is good to keep yourself at a healthy and comfortable weight and know that you are a candidate for augmentation to enhance your breasts again. With a simple search for a local board certified plastic surgeon you should be able to have all of your questions answered and determine which procedure would best reach your desired results. Good luck!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Breast enhancement

I'm not quite sure what the question is, but without photos I can only speculate what is needed.  Breast enhancement surgery can involve reducing, lifting or adding volume to make the breasts more aesthetic appearing.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who performs breast surgery to review your options.

David Finkle, MD
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