Internal/external resorption of teeth.

I have read that internal and external resorption of teeth can be caused by trauma. I was punched in my mouth and tooth #7 had resorption, turned pink and when I ate something hard it cracked. I was hit in that area about a year in a half to two years ago. All my other teeth in that area still look good on recent X-rays and on the Cone X-ray. After trauma when is about the average time resorption usually starts to form after something like the situation of trauma that I had happen? And when will it show?

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Internal/external resorption of teeth.

Traumatic dental injuries often occur in accidents or sports-related injuries. Chipped Teeth account for the majority of all dental injuries. Dislodged  or  Knocked-Out teeth are examples of less frequent, but more severe injuries. Treatment depends on the type, location and severity of each injury. Any dental injury, even if apparently mild, requires examination by a dentist immediately. Sometimes, neighboring teeth suffer an additional, unnoticed injury that will only be detected by a thorough dental exam.Isolated injuries to teeth are quite common and may require the expertise of various dental specialists. Oral surgeons usually are involved in treating fractures in the supporting bone or in replanting teeth that have been displaced or knocked out. These types of injuries are treated by one of a number of forms of splinting (stabilizing by wiring or bonding teeth together). If a tooth is knocked out, it should be placed in salt water or milk. The sooner the tooth is re-inserted into the dental socket, the better chance it will survive. Therefore, the patient should see a dentist or oral surgeon as soon as possible. Never attempt to wipe the tooth off, since remnants of the ligament that hold the tooth in the jaw are attached and are vital to the success of replanting the tooth. Other dental specialists may be called upon such as endodontists, who may be asked to perform root canal therapy, and/or restorative dentists who may need to repair or rebuild fractured teeth. In the event that injured teeth cannot be saved or repaired, dental implants are often now utilized as replacements for missing teeth.

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Internal/external resorption

There is no timeline for resorption. It can occur quickly or take years to happen. There is no way to determine if a tooth is going to end up with resorption. I suggest visiting your dentist regularly to check for changes.

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Unfortunately there is no definitive time frame that you can go by. The fact that your other teeth are ok at this point is a good sign but it doesn't mean they will never undergo something like resorption. Resorption can be picked up on x-rays pretty early in the process, especially the cone beam x-ray. Chances are, if it's not picked up over the course of a few years, you'll be ok.

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