I had a breast reduction 12/15 and my left breast busted under my boob. Can I get my breast repaired? (Photo)

Can I get this fixed I'm unhappy about my left breast.

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Revisions can always be done

but if your tissue is still relatively tight, you may have to consider giving up more volume to allow minimal tension on your closure.  Talk to your surgeon about your options and choose what will work best for you.  You should know that scar revisions are not guarantees of a better outcome... 

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It might be possible to perform a revision. You would have to see your surgeon and be evaluated. Best of luck.

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Breast skin healing

Like all body skin, breast skin has a blood supply which can be compromised by any incision or surgery.  Healing problems can range from insignificant to wide areas of skin necrosis or loss.  This is common enough that complex technologies are often utilized in the OR especially during cancer mastectomies to evaluate breast skin circulation.  Even then, not an exact science. The breast reduction skin zone shown in these photos is called the "trifurcation area".  It is the point of maximum tension of the closure and it also sadly is the point of the least blood circulation.  Healing problems in this zone are not uncommon but can often heal in without additional surgery as appears to be the case here.  With the wound now safely closed, attention to the scar appearance can become the priority.  Sun protection, silicone scar gel, and patience during the full year of healing are cornerstones.  Other modalities such as hydroquinones and lasers may have a role in select patients.  Surgical scar revisions may also be considered where and when indicated. 

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Steven L. Garner, MD, FACS
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Scar after breast reduction

Hi and thanks for your question. It is not uncommon for poor scarring to occur in the area that you are showing. Usually tension and a poor blood supply to the skin flaps in this area put the skin at risk for this. At this point there might be some scar revision that could occur, probably best if you could be patient and wait for a full year before attempting this. You will need to talk very specifically about your hopes for this scar with your doctor to get a realistic view of what is possible and what is not. Because the area of scarring is wide, to achieve what you are hoping for you may need to reduce the volume of the breasts further but again, this is something that is best discussed with your doctor and in person. Best wishes

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Revisionary breast reduction surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Yes, at some point you will be able to undergo scar revision surgery. Timing of surgery will depend on tissue laxity in the lower breast pole area; in other words,  your plastic surgeon will need to have about tissue mobility (pliability) to allow for excision of the wide scar and tension free closure.  Discuss your concerns/goals directly with your plastic surgeon; working together you will come up with the best plan ( and timing) to improve your outcome. Best wishes.

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