How can I get a Hollywood smile? (photos)

Long dental history beginning @ 6. I'm 29 & ive always hated my smile. I have a pretty severe open bite, super narrow palate, cross bite, weak lower jaw/chin, & missing teeth. Bad teeth run in family. Don't know that I want to spend $30k + on braces & jaw surgery just to end up w/ dentures 10 years down the road. Also worried that jaw surgery won't give me desired look. Do I go extreme & do a implant bridge on 8. Or do I do jaw surgery. Other options?

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There are several options, and this will depend on your x ryas, and diagnose, 

the best way to go, is with complete analysis. and see your options, but at the end you will need to think about time and money, because this is important, and you will love the result at the end, but the results long time term are important, so options:

1. braces, surgery, and implants, 

2. bridges and crowns

3. implants 

you will have a great result if the protocols are done completely.

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