Genetic sagging and implants.

I was a 34 D by age 11 and already had grade 2-3 Ptosis by 18. Mom was an A cup and just as saggy. Now I'm 36 (3 babies) and about to have a lift. Doc suggests 250 cc implant (for shape) and some tissue removal to be about a c/d. He says even if I like my size I have so much skin that I'd be down to a b cup from a large d and no upper pole. which would sag faster, lift alone or implants behind the muscle? I just want some perk, size doesn't matter to me.

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Genetic sagging and implants.

The type of sagging that you describe, if accurate would suggest to me that you need to consider placement of small implants (by small I usually mean 180-280 cc when accompanying an uplift).  The size would need to be matched to your frame and your skin surface area at the time of surgery.  This is not mandatory and carries some risks (as with any implant) but adds fullness, projection and aesthetic improvement of the upper breast area.  Good luck with your decision and your procedure.

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Breast lift with implants

Thanks for your question. I would tend to agree that you will likely be most satisfied with a small breast implant to give you that fullness at the upper portions of the breast and cleavage, and then lift and tighten the breast skin and nipple position. This is called, "mastopexy-augmentation." It can work quite well and you sound like a good candidate for it. Best wishes.

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LIft alone or lift with implant?

Thank you for your question.   A photo would be very helpful to advise.   In many cases, women with some volume of breast tissue are unhappy with a lack of fullness in the upper breast and are unhappy all of their volume has undergone significant sagging.  A "reduction/augmentation" procedure can be very helpful.  In this procedure, an implant is placed (usually under the muscle) to provide volume in the upper breast while a lift/small reduction is performed to remove excess skin and saggy breast tissue and reshape/lift the breast into a higher position with a better shape.  Best wishes.  

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Breast Lift With or Without Breast Augmentation?

It is impossible to answer this question for you without photos. Please repost with photos to get the best personalized advice. 

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