Dermablend or other concealer/make-up to cover scar?

After delayed unilateral breast reconstruction with contralateral breast augmentation (implants on both sides), when it is safe to use Dermablend or other concealer make-up to cover any scars for aesthetic purposes?

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I always recommend silicone gel sheathing for my patients. This is the best thing that you can do for scars. If you are looking for something temporary to cover scars for an evening or a day, then a good concealer would be the best option. 

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Dermablend or other concealer/make-up to cover scar?

While waiting for scars to fade, concealers can be used after about two weeks (once the incisions have healed).   For scar management, silicone sheeting and massage are the mainstays of treatment.  Occasionally, BBL treatment for discoloration and profractional laser treatment for texture may also be utilized.  

R. Stewart Collins, MD
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