Dental implant/adjacent teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

Around 2 months after my dental implant surgery I started having some pain on the adjacent teeth # 6 and # 8. The implant was on tooth # 7. The pain feels better but sometimes it still hurts. I'm going to attach two X-rays, one X-ray is before the implant surgery (March 26, 2016) and the others one is 3 months after the implant (July 26, 2016). Do the adjacent teeth # 6 and #8 look good ( with signs of abscess or nerve/pulp damage? Thanks

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Pain 3 months after implant placement

I'm sorry that your second x-ray hasn't been posted, so it's difficult to answer your question.  I'm glad that your discomfort is decreasing, that is a good sign!  Sometimes, the temporary tooth replacement, often a "flipper", can cause discomfort on adjacent teeth.  Your restoring dentist or your surgeon should be able to diagnose your pain or refer you to another dental specialist, such as an endodontist, who can.  Best of luck!

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