Is breast augmentation with Natrelle 410 worth it? Size A now.

Highly considering breast augmentation. I am a size A now with low confidence. I want breast that look natural in shape so I have been leaning towards the Natrelle implants as they mimic my breasts now. I want to be more confident. I would like to fill in shirts. I want to be comfortable naked. I also don't want to go too big to look fake. Have those of you that were a size A felt these specific implants were worth it? What is also the general cost for this procedure/implants? Any advice?!

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Natrelle 410

An exam by an experienced 410 surgeon is necessary to answer your question.. That implant has some unique advantages for a patient looking for a natural result.  It  also has some unique disadvantages such as a small risk of rotation and a slightly firmer result. Sizing is very important to achieving a natural result.

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