How soon after breast augmentation surgery can I begin holistic/natural supplements?

I want to use bromelain, arnica & stretch mark oil immediately following surgery & my PS doesn't have any guidelines. I'd love to use the oil on my breasts (not on the scar until I'm told) as soon as possible for stretching & itching, It contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil &a few other oils, NO vitamin E The Arnica/bromelain should be used immediately after surgery according to package/sources but I wanted other PSs opinions if anyone has knowledge on these treatments. Thanks!

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Most likely fine

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The products you wish to use are more than likely safe on your body after a breast augmentation surgery, based on what you have said. However, I would reccomend trusting your surgeons input on the matter and following their advice.

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How soon after breast augmentation surgery can I begin holistic/natural supplements?

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The medications that you mention should be safe after breast augmentation however it is important to specifically ask your plastic surgeon.  It is crucial that she will avoid any homeopathic medications that can thin the blood or cause bleeding.

Preparation for Breast Augmentation

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In my experience very few patients develop stretch marks from breast augmentation and those that do are people whose skin is prone to stretch marks with poor elasticity. Often they are aware of this prior. I advise my patients to take homeopathic Arnica pellets in order to reduce bruising both pre and post op. Each Plastic Surgeon will usually have personal preferences regarding supplements. I would just recommend that you check with your Plastic Surgeon and make sure that they are fine with what you are taking.

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I think it is fine but you should let your PS know

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i have let my patients use Arnica and Bromolein immediately since they potentially help with swelling and bruising. i am skeptical about any stretch mark oil working and not being a total waste of money (if it really worked then there would be no stretch marks!!!!) 

btw it is large doses of Vit E that MAY be linked with increased bleeding. it is very unlikely putting a small amount of it on healing scars would lead to any problems.

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