Did I ruin my results by wearing a support bra too soon?

I received a 375cc silicone gel sub-pectoral transaxillary breast augmentation. I started wearing a support bra about 2 weeks after surgery. My surgeon told me the implants were pushed too high and not sitting low enough, and to wear a bandeau as often as possible and message the pocket scar tissue because it had started to close. Did I ruin my results by wearing a bra too soon? How long do I have to fix this, and will this work?

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Your question does not say how long ago you had your surgery which is an important data point. Routinely after breast augmentation, the implants appear to be too high. This is due to muscle spasm as well as the inferior breast skin. It may routinely take up to 3 months for the implants to settle in their position and as long as 6 months before you "see what you will get." The use of a support bra/push up bra can be detrimental to your results if the bra keeps your implants in too high a position before the capsule has a chance to fully form.

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