I want to know what everyone thinks if I'm too picky. I paid 12,000. For TT MR Vaserlipo to flanks and bra lines (Photo)

Im 53 are my photos what I should expect? I was dismissed at one month I went back at 5 month removed 4 large granulomas above mons I have more hard knots .revised my scar is worse then the intial surgery he used all dissovable stitches . I have still have alot of muscle spasms he said he never seen anyone like this before Im the first case. .Just all above mons could it be fat necrois? can he cut across mons to get all hard lumps.no weight gain im 1o months po i had three rounds of steriod shot

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Could be improved, but should be patient for now.

In my opinion and just from looking at the photos you have provided, I think you have a reasonably good outcome for a tummy tuck.
I personally tend to put my tummy tuck incisions a little lower than yours as I feel it ensures they stay lower when wearing bikinis and panties. A lower incision can also help avoid that bulging of the mons below the incision and create a more even transition above and below the incision. I must assume that your surgeon has a good reason for his incision placement; I myself vary it according to the patient's anatomy, medical history, and previous surgical scars in the area.
Looking at your before and after pictures, it seems like you had a good amount of muscle tightening done. This is good - it helps narrow the waist and flatten the stomach. However, when a lot of tightening is done, patients will invariably experience muscles spasms of some sort. How long these last is highly individualized - some will feel them for the first week, others will feel them for months. Once you are farther out from your scar revision surgery, I would encourage you to perform stretching and range of motion exercises to hasten their resolution.
Regarding the suture granulomas, unfortunately every patient is different. Modern sutures are very good but occasionally a patient's personal biology will disagree with them. It is analogous to antibiotics - they are great medicines that work well for most people, but certain individuals will react with certain ones. Unfortunately, this isn't known until after the reaction has occurred. I would encourage you to massage any lumps and with time you should find that the area will soften. If it doesn't, than eventually a revision excision may improve things.
Ultimately, I feel you should be patient and wait at least a few months before attempting to revise anything else. During this time, continue to massage the involved areas. Hopefully, the firm areas will improve. And if they don't, you will have a better sense of where exactly any intervention needs to be directed. Of course, share your concerns with your surgeon - he should know your individual anatomy best at this point and will be most familiar with what was done.
And lastly, as a fellow Kansan (I grew up in Shawnee), I must add "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" :) Best of luck in your continued recovery!

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Everyone heals differently

No two patients are alike. You are just healing differently than many. However there is nothing totally out of line in your photos. 

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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