Is it possible to get a breast reduction and back lift at the same time?

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Can you do back lift and breast reduction at same time

Sometimes these can be done at the same time. The deciding factor is the general health of the patient, the amount of area that needs to be resected and the people available for the surgical team.   The increased time of the surgery does increase the risk in some cases but not prohibitively so in most healthy patients.  However, you do need to consider that having two opposing surgical  sites makes it a little bit tougher in the postoperative phase.

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Breast reduction and Back Lift

Yes, although this is a more complicated surgery and you should find a surgeon experienced in this particular method.


Dr Steve Merten, Sydney, Australia

Steve Merten, FRACS
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Multiple upper body procedures

Yes, it is safe to get a breast reduction and removal of excess skin on your back or armpit areas at the same time. The surgery will take a bit longer because a position change will be needed, and recovery may be somewhat tougher because you will always be laying on an incision, but doing both surgeries at the same time is safe. 

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