17 months PO TT but had revision at 5 and 10 months. Still had a stitch pop out, still spasms and pain at times. Is this normal?

I had revision for granulomas at 5 and 10 months post TT I still get muscle tightness and can feel like its still healing is this normal Last revision was in Feb so six months post revision I had like 4 removed the first time and 6 removed the second time I just try to stretch it out I had one elastic like stitch still pop out about a week ago I just cut and snipped it I suppose im a very slow healer? It looked more like rubber band material

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Tummy tuck revision

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It sounds like the material and your body don't agree with each other.  Continue to be patient and work through it with your surgeon.  This is unfortunate but happens.  You are not doing anything wrong.

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