Blood clots time frame? How common are they really in your experience?

I see a lot of people have questions about blood clots. My question is in all your years of practice how many patients have you seen with either dvt or PE and how many weeks after surgery do you normally see them? I'm 8 days po lateral thigh lift no lovenox. No history, no hormones...bmi 23. Thanks for the info :-)

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Blood clots

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Hi Kansascurious. In 23 years of practice I have seen 2 PE's and 3 DVT's. That does not mean that there have not been more, as many occur silently. I do not use Lovonox all the time, other than for high risk cases. Some ps use it in all their TT cases. You typically see PE's between the 1st and 2nd weeks post-op. They however can occur weeks to months down the road. You seem very healthy. Do not fret over this. Be appropriately mobile and follow your ps instructions.

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