I had 2 implants on lower 1 month ago, at 10 days I had infection and area was opened to heal, now told need implant removal

The dental implant area is healing by secondary intention after they surgically removed infection and granuloma tissue, still open but healing. Surgeon said this morning the implants probably need to be removed, let heal and replaced in 5 months since parts of the implant were still visible. Do I have to have these removed or are there other options? Very depressing to move backwards.

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Infection of a dental Implant

This is a rare complication and needs to be treated.  Most surgeons will remove the implant, let it heal again and replace the implant.  Do some research on LANAP.  This procedure is done with a laser and has some promise at helping the infection and regrowing bone around the implant.

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Dental Implant Removal After Infection

Although it is not common, dental implants can get infected during the initial healing phase.  IF the infection does not resolve with antibiotics and local drainage then it is in your best interest to remove it, graft the site then allow for healing for 3-4 months. The implant is then replaced.  This will allow you to have a good long term prognosis for the implant.  If you allow it to remain you run the risk of bone destruction in the area and this may affect your adjacent teeth.  Although it will require more time you will be assured that you will have a long lasting dental implant

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Infection around implants

It is very unfortunate that you have developed this infection around your implants. This is not the normal course of healing. Removing your implants to allow the area to heal then replacing in 5-6 months is the best course of treatment. Keep in mind the long term benefits and improved chewing you will have when the treatment is done.

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