Hello Sir or Madame, my question is can any medication help grow back my hairline? (photos)

During one Visit to the local i stopped by for a haircut, little that at i know that he was an amateur and cut my hair line far back, after 6 months my hair still hasn't return to normal state . My question to you is can i possibly use Minoxidil or Biotin to regrow my hairline to how it was before i got the haircut ? I wait patiently for your reply , thank you PS im still at the age 19 if your probably wondering also i sent along a picture of how my hair is now

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Receded hairline

The only medication that might grow back your hairline is finasteride assuming you are under 22 years old. Otherwise even if you are that young, it is doubtful that the hair will regrow with any medication and that only leaves hair transplants as a solution for you

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