Suggested Treatment for Three Year Old's Scar? (photo)

Our three-year-old daughter has a small scar on her forehead. The injury was the result of a fall, and occurred two years ago, and was derma glued. The scar has healed relatively flat but shiney with discernable raised edges under certain lighting. We are interested in reccomended treatment to smooth it completely.

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The Color & Texture of Whitish Scars Can Be Improved With Medical Microneedling

Medical microneedling may represent a viable, minimally invasive option for improving the color and texture of whitish scars. Medical microneedling has been used successfully for years to treat all kinds of scars, including those arising from trauma, as in this case, acne, surgical, and even infection conditions, such as from chicken pox.

Microneedling, which may be performed either manually with a roller or a small stamp, called the Dermastamp (which is what I would choose in this case) or a motorized device using only topical anesthesia, employs an array of needles that pierce the surface of the scar to break up the surface tissue and create microchannels. This, too, allows for new collagen formation, but also makes possible the transferring (auto-transplanting) of functioning pigment producing cells from the surrounding normal area into the scar area. When this is combined with the application of tyrosine, the essential chemical involved in natural pigment production, the process of repigmenting can be enhanced. Medical microneedling, too, yields best results when performed as a series of two to four treatment sessions at six week intervals.

All this having been said, I would suggest deferring the treatment until a child is at least five years old (or considerably older, if possible) and to do as little as possible to bring the scar to the child's attention. Once the child is of age, the above would be a simple and generally effective approach to improving the scar's appearance.

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Scar revision in a small child

The scar is not hypertrophic and, other than keeping sunscreen on it to avoid sun exposure, there is nothing you can do at this time.  Unfortunately, the wound was not sutured by a plastic surgeon to produce an optimal closure.  I do not recommend scar revision surgery, which would require general anesthesia in a child of this age.  Wait until she is older and capable of tolerating a procedure under local anesthesia. 

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