I had to change dentists and this dentist is saying my spaces between the teeth won't close completely. I need crowns. Advice?

I got braces 2 years ago im kn my second last wire. I had two teeth removed my premolars from the upper side. Now my new dentist is failing to close my gaps and says i need crowns. Please help.

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Needing crowns after 2 years in braces ... #DrSarahThompson #STL

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Needing crowns to close spaces after spending 2 years in braces is the reason that I often advise people to jump right over the braces and right to the veneers or crowns.  Cutting out the middle step actually cuts out pain of braces and the years of waiting and being uncomfortable with your teeth.  Crowns can be done in 1-2 appointment and the results are instant and permanent.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to click "save" under my name to ask me additional questions in the future.  

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I would suggest you to visit other dentist because there are many ways to remove the gap between the teeth. Well I have one suggestion for you visit Irresistible Smiles website and here you will get free consultancy. So you can ask whatever you want to and all your queries will definitely cleared. 

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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