Will my ears go back toward my head when it completely heals? They look the same (Photo)

recently got otoplasty surgery on nov 7 and its now Nov 27, and my ears look the same as before the surgery and my surgeon said its cause its still swollen, i get it but they feel less swollen now and in other pictures and videos of other people they have results the next day or a week later even with swelling.

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Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty/Prominent Ear Correction

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Many thanks for your question. No doubt you will still have some swelling so the final result will not be apparent. A before photo would help assessing the degree of correction that has taken place but I understand from what you have posted your concerns. Be patient and also reassured that if the final result is not what you had hoped for this can be improved. Best of luck with things.

Jonathan Adamthwaite FRCS (Plast)

What to expect 3 weeks out from otoplasty.

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It is difficult to assess without "before" photos, but, I do hear your concern that your ears are not as pulled back as you envisioned that they would be at this point.  Classic otoplasty surgery is not a single surgical act but is actually a collection of maneuvers to address the various possible causes which contribute to a particular "protruding ear(s)" - in most surgical otoplasty cases the possible causes are 3: 1) an enlarged "conchal bowl" 2) an absence of the "antihlical fold" 3) an excessively obtuse angle between the back of the ear and the side of the head directly behind the ear. As with any corrective or cosmetic surgery there is a technical and an artistic balance to be struck to achieve a best result - no one wants the ears pulled back too tight, for instance. At three weeks out, there will still be inflammation that may very well be affecting the final outcome, and as that inflammation continues to resolve, I would expect continued improvement of your results. 

Will my ears go back toward my head when it completely heals?

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You are early post op and there may be swelling to account for your ear prominence.  Do you have pre op photos?  Close follow up with your surgeon is your primary option for now.  Unfortunately, recurrence or relapse of your prominence is one of the most common complications associated with otoplasty surgery.  Patience looks to be wisest now.  Revisional surgery is usually deferred for 6 months to allow scarring to soften.  Best wishes.

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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