How soon after breast implant removal can I start massaging?

I had silicone breast implants for 12 years and the right one became swollen and hard. I had them removed yesterday, 11/5/15, but today it looks like the right one has a hard area underneath and doesn't hang right. How soon can I start massaging? I had the left drain pulled out today, and the right drain is still in. What is the best technique for massaging your breasts?

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How soon after breast implant removal can I start massaging?

It really depends on your surgeons preferences, as some prefer patients not to massage after an explant, while others prefer the patient wait for a period of time before attempting to massage. It is best to ask your PS before massaging. Massaging to prematurely can increase the risk for fluid accumulation, especially doing so too soon after having a drain removed.

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Massaging Breast post operatively

While we are an online forum of board certified plastic surgeons you should consult with your surgeon on this matter.  Your surgeon has your medical history, thus giving him the ability to make the best medical decision for you.  Good Luck. 

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Breast Massage

Online consultants cannot replace your plastic surgeon.  At your next appointment discuss healing and massage with him.

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How soon after breast implant removal can I start massaging?

Although your desire to receive online advice is understandable, only your plastic surgeon should advise you when it comes to specific postoperative care. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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