What can I do to correct the hollowness left by Juvederm injections 6 months ago? (photos)

Now it looks worse, bags under my eyes, please help.
 I injected Juviderm about 6 months ago under the eye area to correct hollowness (Dr said it was the whole syringe), at first the results looked a little swollen but not bad. 6 months later it looks horrible, very swollen in the morning as if I had no sleep. In addition now it looks like there is a line dividing the inferior orbital rim and the filler. what a nightmare, I prefer my hollow eyes, any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Puffiness under eyes.

Thank you for your question. Perhaps a hyaluronidase injection to the area would be the best option, this product dissolves the filler.


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Swelling of lower eyelids after hyaluronic acid injection for hollow eyes.

Dear writer, Swelling of the lower eyelids after hyaluronic acid injection for hollow eyes is not an infrequent finding with these injections. These fillers have a role in minimizing the tear trough area, but are not the best choice for the lower eyelids. Ask your provider to inject the area of swelling with the enzyme hyaluronidase (vitrase), which may dissolve some of the excess remaining hyaluronic acid, although this is not always effective. I would minimize trauma or procedures to this area, until the lower eyelid swelling is significantly reduced. Sometimes, simply time and zero manipulation is the best course to resolution. And yes, over time most of these cases improve significantly. I hope this information is helpful. Dr. Bowes

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This can easily be reversed by getting injected with Vitrase.  Once the Juvederm is gone I suggest you go to another provider with a lot of experience and get Restylane.  Restylane is my #1 choice of filler for the tear trough area.  

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What can I do to correct the hollowness left by Juvederm injections 6 months ago? (photos)

Before seeking fat grafting try Belotero Balance injections to this area. I have had great success using this HA filler in that area.

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