I had juverderm on nose to lip lines and the left hand side is lumpy. Do I have to pay the other half if I'm not happy?

Had juverderm 3 weeks ago on mouth to nose lines the left hand side still lumpy. When I went back the doctor just said sorry its superficial tissue and left it at that. Now I have only paid do I have to pay the other half if I am not happy. I am more paranoid now than before thank had this.

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Juvederm imbalance, need to pay?

If you go to a reputable and highly trained injector/clinic, then it would be unusual for you to have to pay to correct any problems. The lumpiness you complain of can be improved in a few ways, including deep massage and/or hyaluronidase. Seek the help of an expert injector such as a dermatologist to rectify the problem.

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