I had juverderm in my lips are they are sore, will they be ok?

Skin on lips slightly chapped, lips sore if moved in certain positions and product feels firm to touch. One area on upper lip bad bruise.

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Sore lips after injections.

Thank you for your question. Soreness after lip injections is common and can last approx. 2 weeks. If your lips remain sore after this time period contact your injector and discuss treatment options. 


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Juvederm in lips causing soreness

It is not unusual when the lips are filled to develop some chapping (occurs when swelling occurs), although this always subsides. Of course be diligent with using chapstick till this resolves. The bruising is always a possibility and can lead to some firmness of the lip ; you can try to massage it out if its not too painful. If there are any problems after 2 weeks (enough time for bruise to resorb), then see your injecting physician.

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