Juvederm in Lips 4 Days Ago, And not Happy With How They Look. How Long Til Swelling Goes Away To Do Reversal?

I had juverderm ultra xc in my lips 4 days ago. I am not happy with how they look as of rite now. How long till the swelling goes completely away and can.they be reversed.

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Juvederm in Lips 4 days ago, Not Happy!

4 days after Juvederm you are likely still swollen.  The swelling is to be expected to last about a week sometimes a little longer.  I recommend you give it 2 weeks to settle before you consider dissolving it.  You may like your results in another week. If not you can still have it removed and your lips should return to normal. Be patient!

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Swelling from lip augmentation

It usually takes around 3 days for the swelling to subside, but depends on the patient and how much was injected.  I would not recommend attempting to reverse the procedure at this time. I would wait for a few days to allow for all of the swelling to resolve.  If you are still unhappy with your result, then hyaluronidase can be injected into your lips to dissolve the Juvederm. Thanks and I hope this helps!

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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Swelling in lips can last about 2 weeks

Swelling in the lips from fillers can last for up to about 2 weeks. I don't recommend any hyaluronidase (which is what will be injected if you want to remove some of the Juvederm) be done for a minimum of 14 days. Otherwise you start chasing your tail and reinjecting Juvederm and then hyaluronidase again and again. It's best to wait it out and see how it looks when all the swelling is gone. As long as the natural shape of your lips was followed (i.e., the top lip is generally 1/3 and the bottom lip is 2/3) you should end up with natural, good looking lips. If not, evaluate and that point and get some hyaluronidase injected.

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Juvederm in the Lips


Juvederm and the other hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Perlane and Belotero, work very well for the lips but there is always quite a bit of swelling after the procedure. Many people have the duck look for a while but this almost always subsides after about 2 weeks. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for your brain to get used to the change in how you look and another 3 months for things to settle completely. I highly recommend patience in your case. Give it another 3 weeks before you consider reversing the Juvederm. If you do want the material removed, an injection of hyaluronidase is required. This is the enzyme that dissolves the hyaluronic acid or filler.



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How long until swelling goes down from Juvederm in lips

It is always advisable to wait at least one and preferably two weeks for all of the swelling to resolve before assessing the results of filler injections, especially hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. I always recommend waiting several weeks for the swelling to go down after the treatment before worrying about any long-term adverse effects or considering any "touch-up" treatments such as additional filler injections or reversing the treatment using hyaluronidase.

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