I Just Had Juvederm Done in my Lips 5 Days Ago and I Feel 2 Lumps Where There Are Scars Will These Go Down?

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Lumps in lips 5 days after Juvederm are common.

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In the initial phases, it is very common to have lumps or bumps. These are generally not visible, but palpable. They should be gone within two weeks. If they're not, return to your doctor, as they are easily treated with an enzyme injection.

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I Just Had Juvederm Done in my Lips 5 Days Ago and I Feel 2 Lumps

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Lump and swelling is very common after having a filler injected to the lips, it usually takes a full 2 weeks for the product to settle to see your final result. Contact your medical provider if more then two weeks past and the issue hasn't resolved. Your physician can inject an enzyme called hyaluronidase to dissolve the bump.

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Contour irregularities after lip augmentation with Juvaderm

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You are still in the swelling/bruising/healing phase after Juvaderm injection 5 days ago.  I tell patients that it can take between 10 days and 2 weeks to see their final results.  Give it a little time.  If you still have contour irregularities at 2 weeks, I would suggest seeing your injector.  If there are areas of excess product, it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase (VItrase) injection.

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Lumps in lips after Juvederm

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Swelling and bruising should be expected after fillers. Remember 1. injections are being done and 2. volume is being added. Both of these can lead to swelling and bruising. Particularly in thin-skinned areas like the lips there can be more swelling, and even more with Juvederm as it pulls water to itself right away, which will subside with time. If what you have are actual lumps of the product, these can be dissolved with hyaluronidase, but I wouldn't recommend doing anything to the area until 2 weeks have passed so all swelling can settle down and proper assessment can be made. Also, keep your hands away from the area and don't press on it.

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