I had Juvederm a year ago around my mouth area. I woke up this morning and had swelling in the same areas. Why would it be?

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Juvederm Reaction?

It seems unlikely that what you describe was caused by the Juvederm injections from a year ago. I suggest you visit your physician for an evaluation.

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Juvederm Swelling One Year Later

Hi CCG. The swelling one year after a Juvederm injection would not be related to the injection itself. The product does not last that long, but even if it did, side effects do not include spontaneous swelling this long after the injections.

You should go see your general practitioner about the swelling. Good luck.

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Juvederm swelling one year later

One year is about the longest timeframe for Juvederm to last, particularly around the mouth area or in the lips. It could be totally unrelated to the Juvederm. I'd suggest you follow up with your injector to determine if it's related at all.

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