Juvederm Safe if You Have Allergies?

If Juvederm (Ha) is so safe, why does Juvederm warn us not to use if we have have serious allergies? Can a person have an anaphylatic shock reaction from something that is so natural to our bodies?

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Very Rare but Can Happen. Plus There Are a Lot of Lawyers Out There

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There have been 19 reports of patients' being admitted to emergency ropoms for immedicate medical attention due to severe hypersensitivity reactions such as swollen tongue, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock. This is according to the FDA report of November which called upon further investigation.

This is very rare but does show the importance of having such procedures performed in a true medical setting.

It is well known that some patients are far more prone to allergic reactioins than others. For instance, people who are allergic to penicillin are far more likely to have allergic problems to other medications. Thus, people who have serious allergies to other products and medications could have a problem with Juvederm too.

While hyaluronic acid is common to all species, one could pick up an allergan due to the preparation of the material.

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