When to Tell Juvederm Needs to Be Corrected?

I had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips 24 hours ago. My doctor used 1 1/2 syringes. He had difficulty balancing the left side of my upper lip with my right, and needed to keep adding filler to the left side. My left upper lip is very swollen and has a clear blister like bump under the lip. I am worried that this blister is excess filler and the swelling is just too much filler. How long before I can tell if I need corrective work?

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One Week sometimes two

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The lips are very vascular and prone to bleeding and swelling. Plus, if you had a dental block, oftentimes the lip will hang or be unglamorously lifted up. Hopefully, you used cold packs on it to help diminish the swelling.

It often takes a week or so for all the swelling to resolve. Occasionally, it will take two weeks. The blister may be edema or fluid and should go down rather quickly.

In any event, there is something called hyaluronidase which can melt away any excess Juvderm. I would wait a week and if your lip looks off balance or swollen, espcially if it has a bluish tint, please return to your physician and he/she might inject this material into your lip.

Good luck.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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