Juvederm Ultra Alternatives?

I've been using Juvederm ultra 3 and like the result but it just doesn't last. Three months seem to be the maximum amount of time it lasts. Is there something similiar I can use that lasts longer? Is Evolence a good alternative? Thanks for your help!

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Juvederm Ultra Alternatives

Other potentially longer-lasting filler such as Radiesse can be used for the nasolabial folds and certain other locations. Radiesse should not, however, be used in the lips because of the potential for hard lumps. Evolence can give nice results for certain locations but can also be quite firm and would not be my choice for the lips since it can cause nodules. Sculptra can last well over a year and is best used for cheek hollows. FAMI (transfer of your own fat) for volume enhancement can give long-term results, but you are going to undergo a potentially permanent procedure such as this, you ought to find a plastic surgeon with considerable experience and excellent technique.

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Juvederm alternatives

There are some good alternatives to Juvederm. The choice of the best filler may depend on your skin type and exactly where the filler will be placed. Micro-fat grafting is now an acceptable longer lasting filler that can be used in the face. Radiesse is a longer lasting filler that can be used in facial lines and folds, especially in thicker skin and soft tissue. I recommend that you seek consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can offer you the entire range of fillers as well as other surgical and non-surgical options.

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Juvederm ultra alternatives

There are several alternatives to the ultra formulation.  You can use ultra plus which should last 9 months or longer, and you can use Perlane.

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