Take-home Juvederm?

What do you think about a doctor who sells you a syringe of Juvederm to take home?

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Don't take it!

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Juvederm, as most other injectables used in doctors' offices, are only to be distributed and injected by licenced professionals. In the wrong hands, they can be misused. In this case the risks are very low, but can still be dangerous as the product is packaged with needles. I would not recommend taking it.


Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Check the Take Home Medical Degree

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Hi Curiosity,

"Hi honey, could you pick up a quart of milk for the kids cereal in the morning on your way home, and by the way, could you stop at that doctor's office in Austin and pick up a few syringes of Juvederm, the girls at the Majhong game tomorrow have been looking a little long in the face lately."

This can't be true.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Self treatment?

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It is unbelievable to me that a reputable physician would give you Juvederm or any filler or cosmetic injectable to use on yourself. Medical laws are clear that these products are to be purchased by physicians and used by themselves or their personally trained, supervised nurse injector. If you use it on yourself, you are as misguided as they.

Take-home Juvederm

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...only if you have been injected with the syringe of Juvederm.  I know of no colleagues of mine who sell packaged syringes of Juvederm to their patients.  To do so would be placing everyone involved at risk - the untrained patient would potentially be practicing medicine without a license while the doctor might soon have his/her license revoked.


Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist


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What are you supposed to do with it? Practice on yourself, your friends? Maybe you, in passing, mentioned you have a Sharpei dog and you've gotten annoyed with the wrinkled look. Unless you're a doctor sounds pretty bizarre to me (encouraging someone to practice medicine without a licenese may be a whole another issue.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Never heard of take-home Juvederm

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I am not aware of any physicians who would expect a patient (or someone untrained in injection techniques) to inject filler by themselves.

We all undergo training on how to inject filler products; it is not something a patient would know how to use.

Take home Juvederm?

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I have never heard of take home juvederm and I do not think it is legal for a doctor to give it to you to take home and inject.

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