Juvederm Swelling, Is this Normal? What Happened?

Thank you for your replies. To sum up your previous posts, I had juderm injected 3 weeks ago and two days later I looked like a blowfish with eyes and cheeks pulling downwards. Gone were my high cheekbones and and hollowness underneath craftily created by the injector ive been using for several years. She saw me yesterday and recommended cold compresses, arnica, bromelain. What happened? Will I be normal again? Thanks.

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Juvederm Swelling, Is this Normal? What Happened?

Not certain since there aren't any pictures to evaluate but it sounds like you may have jad a hematoma from the injections as those homeopathic meds are to decrease bruising and swelling.  

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Swelling after fillers

It is hard to determine what type of reaction you had such as: Infection,allergic,general swelling,bleeding or over injected.

Please post some pictures!

Fillers and swelling

Each patient is a bit different in how they respond to fillers.  Without photos, it is difficult to say what is going on.

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