Juvederm Setting Time?

How long does it take for Juvederm to "set" in the face, so that it is no longer susceptible to moving around if it is touched or pressed upon?

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There is a short period of time after injection for the material to take it's final place after injection.

Then, you will deal with some post-injection swelling that will go way in a few days.

Depending on how sensitive your fingers are, you may always be able to "feel" something where the material was injected. This depends a great deal upon how deep the Juvederm was injected.

If after a few weeks, if you really do not like your result, HA fillers can be modified with either chemicals that break down HA or possibly additional Juvederm injections to blend the treatment area.

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Interesting question.

Juvederm is very smooth and malleable and is easily massaged to give a natural correction. It does seem to squish around near the eye for several weeks, but I have not seen it shift or move in other areas. It is the usual recommendation for the patient NOT to massage HA fillers (unlike Sculptra). If you do not like something, go see your doctor before you try to move it around. As far as regular activities like washing your face, facials, etc, you do not need to be concerned about Juvederm moving.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
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