Juvederm & Restylane lip augmentation: combo of both. Which is better?

Two days ago, I had my 2nd Juvederm treatment, full syringe. Top lip only. First was 9 months ago. massage didn't help the gaps so my dr came back over and used a full syringe of Rystylane to fill the gaps. Some was injected in the very center, so it's painful. Is it common to use both at the same time? Which is better? Why does the Rystylane hurt only in the center?

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Restylane vs Juvederm for lip enlargement

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Juvederm is "softer" than Restylane and diffuses further from the injection site, making it an ideal filler for most lip enlargements.
Restylane is "firmer" and tends to stay exactly where it is injected.  It is better than Juvederm for filling vertical lip lines.

Both fillers are reasonable choices depending on the specific area/problem being treated.  Mixing and matching fillers is common and frequently advantageous.

Plano Plastic Surgeon

Restylane versus Juvederm for the lips

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Often I use a combination of fillers for the best results and specific type of lines and volume needed.  One type of filler cannot be used in all patients.  I often use a combination of Sculptra, Restylane, and Belotero to achieve the ideal look in a single patient.  For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in facial injections.

Juvederm & Restylane lip augmentation: combo of both. Which is better?

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Using a combination of products is not uncommon because each of the products has slightly different tissue characteristics and those differences can be used to your advantage. It is an astute and experienced surgeon who will mix and match as your tissue needs require. Good luck.

Eric Desman, MD
Alexandria Plastic Surgeon

Juvederm & Restylane lip augmentation: combo of both. Which is better?

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In general, each physician has his or her own preference for the use of fillers in a given area. I like to use Juvederm for the lips. Here are the main reasons why it is appealing for augmenting the lips:

1) It is very soft, which is particularly good for a lip augmentation
2) Overall, it yields a great looking yet natural result. 

Physicians may use a combination of fillers during a procedure, and this is a personal preference. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Surgeons preference resytlane or juvederm

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It is the surgeon's preference as to which filler is best suited for each patient and each location on that patient. This varies by surgeon.

I would recommend you discuss with a Board Certified Dermatologist with expertise with Restylane

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Restylane L And Juvederm UltraXC Combo Works Well For Lip Augmentation

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Fortunately, these days, we have enough of a selection of fillers and volumizers that combining different injectables, particularly in the hands of expert injectors with lots of experience, is not uncommon--even within the same treatment session. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers work well for lip augmentation, whether for accentuating the white roll areas surrounding the lip, defining the vermilion border between the red and white portions of the lip, creating or accentuating the Cupid's Bow or the Philtral Columns, or adding body and appropriate pout to the red lips. I find that areas that those areas that need lift, such as the tubercles, do well with Restylane L. Those that need a smoother contouring and tapering do well with Juvederm UltraPlus XC.  For this reason, when tailoring my approach to individual needs, I often combine fillers to achieve the desired effect(s). A consultation with an aesthetic physician experienced in nonsurgical lip augmentation is a must.

Lip injections

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Lip injections are not as easy as it would seem. Getting an even dispersion and a smooth look can be difficult if the surgeon is not both experienced and artistic. It is not a matter of Juvederm vs restylane or other materials as the difference is mostly one of longevity. You must go to a surgeon with a track record of really nice lip enhancement from his own photos that will get you the look you want. I prefer Juvederm as an injection and Dermal-Fat grafts as a surgical permanent solution   ( a procedure I invented 25 years ago )

Restylane/Juvederm in the lips

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These products are very similar in nature, so there is little concern with using both of them.  The center portion of the upper lip is the most sensitive area in most people, so it is not surprising it was a little uncomfortable there.  There is little to no difference in the pain from these injections.  Many now come pre-mixed with lidocaine, but if you had one injected that was not a pre-mixed type, it would be more sore than the other.

Lip augmentation with two different fillers?

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Tori, physicians use several different hyaluronic acid fillers in the lips.  They are more similar than different, in that all consist of the same protein that is already present in your skin from birth. All can be quickly reversed by hyaluronidase injections if there is a tiny area the patient or doctor thinks may be overcorrected (In my experience, this is important primarily in that a patient who has never had fillers before fills more confident in proceding if they know the treatment can be reversed.  I have only reversed an area that was filled a few times in many years of experience). They all last about 6 months in the lips, and are sImilar in price.

The type and shape of your lips from your youth, how much they have changed, and the end result you are hoping for, all dictate the type and amount of filler that will be injected. In addition, physicians may develop personal preferences and individual styles of injection.  Personally, I like Juvederm Ultra and:or Beletero in the lips, but Restylane might be prefered if more significant plumping and roundness of the lips is desired.  Or, since Restylane is produced in a small, one-half ml syringe whereas others are not, a doctor might choose to use Restylane, or another HA filer in conjuction with a little Restylane.  

If some "gaps" were present after a syringe of Juvederm, some Restylane might have been used to fill them. I wouldn't say that it is common or uncommon -- it was just what you needed to get the result you were looking for.

You don't say whether some anesthetic was applied to your lips or inside the mouth to numb your lips before injection, or whether anesthetic was mixed into the syringe, so I am not sure why you had more pain in the center.  But it might help you to know that there is no anatomic reason why the center of the lip should hurt more than another part of the lip.  If it still hurts after the injection, one might want to let the physician know that thus is going on.

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