Does Juvederm or Restalyne Leave a Purplish Brown Stain Under Eyes? Can CO2 Fractional Laser Remove Pigmentation?

19 months ago I had juvederm under eyes to get rid of bags and a little bit of darkness.happy w/ results untii 4 mos ago when juvederm wore off. I noticed a purplish brown ring stain under my left eye n bags were back. Doctor dissolved all the juvederm leaving my eyes looking worse.3 wks ago I went to a diff Dr who used restalyne I bruised very bad for about 8 days n did not get rid of bags n have stain under both eyes. Dr says not tyndell syn n will refill to get rid of bags.What can I do?

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Treatment of dark brown skin discoloration caused by bruising

It is not uncommon to develop dark brown pigmentation of the skin following bruises caused by surgery, injections (fillers or treatment of unwanted blood vessels), or trauma.  Bleaching creams usually do not work well in helping the discoloration fade.  I have found that treatment with a Q-switched alexandrite laser (the same type of laser we would use to treat certain tattoos and brown spots caused by sun damage is extremely effective in eliminating the discoloration that sometimes appears after bruising.  Up to 3 treatments are usually required and recovery after each is minimal.

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