Juvederm Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to have Juvederm removed from just your top lip?

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Options available to remove Juvederm

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I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with your Juvederm lip injection. Fortunately, you have options. First, try not to panick, and give it time.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injectable fillers such has Restylane or Juvederm is common today. Fewer cosmetic specialists are using collagen for lip enhancement. The lip naturally swells & bruises from the injection. Most of the swelling, which contributes to a trout pout, goes down within a day or so, but sometimes longer.

Lip exercises and ice packs help reduce the swelling. After several days, if you are still unhappy with the lip size, you have 2 options after hyaluronic acid injection. Either wait it out, as your body naturally absorbs and breaks down the injectable filler over a few months. Another option to consider is using hyaluronidase, a material which accelerates the breakdown of hyaluronic acid. The last option is to have your plastic surgeon make a very small skin incision and squeeze out hyaluronic acid.

The cost of removing Juvederm will vary based on treatment option, both in terms of out-of-pocket, time, and recovery. Removing Juvederm is usually more affordable than the initial injection.

Speak with you cosmetic specialist to find the appropriate treatment for you. Best of luck.

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