Red Circles Under Eye After Juvederm

I know the bluish bruising after Juvederm will fade and eventually go away, but I have two circle like the size of a pencil eraser under my left eye. They are purplish/red. Will these go away also?

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We don't use Juvederm under the eyes.

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If the little circles are flat, they are probably bruising, and should be gone in 3 weeks for sure. Otherwise, it could be a lump of Juvederm. In that case, you either put up with it, or it can be dissolved with a small hyaluronidase injection.

In New York, we use Restylane under the eyes, because we think it's safer.

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Bruising from Juvederm is common. This is even more so around the eyes with the thin skin.  The marks you are describing sound like bruising and they probably will go away in a short while.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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